Sewage & Trauma Removal

Sewage & Trauma Removal Services for Commercial Properties

From sewage backups to contaminated water leaks, dealing with sewage biohazards is a serious and potentially dangerous issue for businesses. If not handled promptly and properly, sewage spills can pose health risks to employees and customers and cause extensive damage to your property. It’s crucial to address sewage biohazard situations immediately to ensure the safety of your premises and occupants.

Causes of Sewage Damage

Sewage biohazard damage can occur due to various factors, including:

  • Sewer line backups or blockages
  • Malfunctioning sewage systems
  • Flooding from heavy rainfall or storms
  • Structural damage to sewage pipes or systems
  • Clogged drains or toilets
  • Infiltration of sewage into buildings or basements
  • Sewage spills or leaks from septic tanks
  • Improper disposal of hazardous waste
  • Contamination of water sources by sewage overflow
  • Backflow of sewage into buildings due to pressure changes or system failures.

Sewage spills and biohazard incidents are serious and need quick action to keep your commercial property safe. It’s important to remove them promptly to protect your employees, customers, and business.

Sewage Cleanup

How to Handle Sewage Backup in Your Commercial Business

Evacuate Safely: If sewage is flooding into your building, ensure everyone evacuates safely to avoid exposure to contaminated water.

Shut Off Water: If it’s safe to do so, turn off the water supply to prevent further sewage flow.

Avoid Contact: Stay away from the contaminated water as much as possible to avoid exposure to harmful bacteria and pathogens.

Call Professionals: Contact a reputable sewage cleanup company like NuWay Restoration & Cleaning immediately to handle the situation safely and efficiently.

Document Damage: Take photos or videos of the damage for insurance purposes before cleanup begins.

Ventilate the Area: Open doors and windows to ventilate the space and reduce odors.

Wait for Professionals: Wait for the sewage cleanup professionals to arrive and follow their instructions for cleanup and restoration.

Remember, sewage backups can pose serious health hazards, so it’s essential to leave cleanup to the experts.


Emergency Sewage Cleanup

When it comes to cleaning up sewage spills at your business, time is of the essence. At NuWay Restoration & Cleaning, we’re here to provide rapid assistance. Our expert team is available 24/7, year-round, ensuring you receive immediate help. We’ll promptly address the situation, restoring your commercial space, including floors, walls, and belongings, after any sewage incident.

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