Commercial Restoration Services

Get Your Business Back Up & Running

When your commercial property sustains damages, whether it be from a fire, flood, or another natural disaster. Your business can be at risk for interruption, resulting in lost revenue, lost customers, and financial hardships. You need a team on your side that can be there to help you quickly get back to normal. NuWay Restoration & Cleaning is a commercial restoration company that is dedicated to the fast recovery.  We are proud to be locally owned and operated with 20+ years of experience delivering the highest quality restoration services. 

Our Commercial Restoration Services

Water Damage

Water Damage Mitigation

Water damage from floods, plumbing leaks, storms, and appliance malfunctions cause unexpected destruction. Our commercial water damage restoration team will minimize interruptions to your business. They will do everything possible to keep your doors open during the restoration process.

Water Damage

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

It’s not just what is burned that needs to be restored. Fires can result in other extensive damage as a result of the smoke and the process of putting out the fire. After such a devastating loss, reassurance comes from having clear guidance and support to minimize business interruptions.

Water Damage

Mold Remediation

Protect your employees and customers. Rapid remediation of mold is critical to preventing it from spreading throughout your property. If you think you have mold, it’s important to treat and help remove it through commercial mold remediation services.

Water Damage

Weather Damage Restoration

Inclement weather and winter storms can bring wind damage, heavy rain, and flooding. Just as quickly as destructive weather can arise, it can also cause severe damage to your commercial property. In just a blink of an eye, your business can be left in disarray.

Water Damage

HVAC Duct Cleaning

Ensure the air quality in your commercial property with our professional duct cleaning services. Ensure the air quality in your commercial property with our professional duct cleaning services.

Water Damage

Odor Remediation

At NuWay Restoration & Cleaning of Garrett County, we specialize in comprehensive commercial odor remediation services.

Water Damage

Office Cleaning Services

Whether you’re dealing with unexpected messes or need routine cleaning and maintenance, our dedicated team is available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist you.

Water Damage

Sewage & Biohazard Removal

From sewage backups to contaminated water leaks, dealing with sewage biohazards is a serious and potentially dangerous issue for businesses.

Water Damage

Vandalism Cleanup Services

At NuWay Restoration & Cleaning, we specialize in fast and effective vandalism cleanup services. Our goal is to quickly restore your property to its original condition, minimizing any interruptions to your business.


Turn Uncertainty into Confidence with Our 24/7 Support

During times of restoration uncertainty, our team is available around the clock to support you. We recognize the urgency of your restoration needs and are here 24/7 to offer the assistance you need. Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your restoration requirements. Let us leverage our expertise and care to guide you through the process smoothly.

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